Volume 7, Number 2 (October 2018)

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Download this file (2018-2-1e.pdf)144-152[Using of Treated Wastewater to Irrigate Olive Plants: Some Chemical Constituents of Olive Oils -- Nada Zaanouni]
Download this file (2018-2-2e.pdf)153-159[Effects of Drought on the Production of Winter Wheat in Semi-arid Zones -- Hassini Noureddine]
Download this file (2018-2-3e.pdf)160-171[Shrinking of Water Resource in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India) Basin using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data -- Narpat Singh Rathore]
Download this file (2018-2-4e.pdf)172-177[Use of Chemical Technical Rcp for the Inhibition of Scaling from Hard Water by a Green Inhibitor: Quercitine -- S. Ghizellaoui]
Download this file (2018-2-5e.pdf)178-183[Application of Linear Stochastic Models for Rainfall Data in West Darfur State, Sudan -- Tariq Mahgoub Mohamed]
Download this file (2018-2-6e.pdf)184-191[Effect of Sustainable Water Management on the Hydraulic Performance of Sewer Pipes Network -- Hassan I. Mohamed]
Download this file (2018-2-7e.pdf)192-198[Natural Radium (226 Ra) Concentration in Groundwater in Southern Part of the West Bank/Palestine -- Amer Sawalha]
Download this file (2018-2-8e.pdf)199-202[Preferred Practices Techniques to Treat Greywater in Arab Countries for an Ablution Water Treatment Unit -- J. Halwani]
Download this file (2018-2-9e.pdf)203-210[Control of Nitrates Pollution Using Multi-Objective Decision Analysis Technique -- E. Abdel-Ghaffer]