At the 2nd meeting for the prize's sixth award cycle, which was held in Jeddah on 2 July 2014, the Prize Council discussed and approved a programme for awarding a series of grants for research and projects involving innovative water science.

Since its 1st Award in 2004, PSIPW has been awarding scientific innovation through its suite of five prizes that covers the entire research landscape.

The PSIPW research grants program seeks to encourage and support new research in the field. PSIPW will also award project grants for successfully serving humanity through the practical application of innovative water science.

Like the prizes, innovation is a key consideration in the awards and grants that are chosen, and like the prizes, the recipients are chosen by international committees of the highest calibre.

In this way, PSIPW promotes and encourages scientific innovation at every stage.

  1. Research grants: encourage and support innovation in initiating new scientific research
  2. Water Prizes: award innovative achievements in water related research
  3. Project grants: support successful water related projects and programmes that apply creative scientific solutions to humanity’s water problems

Council member and former prizewinner Professor Wolfgang Kinzelbach of ETH Zurich voiced his support for the idea, saying: “A prize rewarding excellent work funded by others is good, but funding the work which leads towards excellent results is even better.”

A special committee is being convened to discuss the timeline for the development and implementation of the PSIPW grants programme.