9th Award (2020)


Nominations for the 9th Award (2020) closed on 31 December. Nominations are now open for the 10th Award (2022).

The nominations received for the 9th Award are currently undergoing a three-leel referee process.

All nominations are evaluated to determine their originality, potential impact, and applicability. Special consideration is given to how the nominated work contributes to its field of research and its usefulness to society, particularly with respect to development and solving problems on an international level.


Three committees are dedicated to the evaluation of nominations for each of the five prizes:

  1. Preliminary Screening Committee
  2. Referee Committee
  3. Selection Committee

PSIPW enlists the participation of leading scientists from around the world to act as judges on these committees.

Prize Calendar


  1. 27 January 2018: Call for nominations to the Prize and opening of the online application form for the 10th award.
  2. 31 December 2019: Deadline for receiving nominations.
  3. January-August 2020: The evaluation process.
  4. October 2020: The Prize Council announces the winners of the 9th Award and calls for nominations to the 10th award.
  5. November 2020: The awards ceremony for the 10th Award.