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The deadline for nominations is over. Please finalize your open application and submit it now.  You have until 7 February 2010 to submit your application. All open applications which are not submitted by that date will be automatically cancelled. Those requiring assistance with their applications should contact David Jalajel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for assistance.

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2015 / 2016
2013 / 2014
2011 / 2012
2009 / 2010
2007 / 2008
2005 / 2006
2003 / 2004

2015 / 2016

Date - Location
31 March 2015, Aqaba, Jordan International Conference on the Geomatics of the Middle East & North Africa
12-17 April 2015, Daegu & Gyeongbuk, South Korea 7th World Water Forum
3-7 May 2015, Barcelona, Spain SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting
17-19 May 2015, Portofino, Italy IDA New Horizons for Desalination
25-29 May 2015, Ustroń, Poland International Conference on Groundwater Vulnerability
25-29 May 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland IWRA XVth World Water Congress
10-13 June 2015, Istanbul, Turkey EWRA 9th World Congress
15-17 June 2015, A Coruña, Spain 8th International Conference on Water Resources Management
17-19 June 2015, A Coruña, Spain 8th International Conference on River Basin Management
28 June-3 July 2015, Den Haag, The Netherlands 36th IAHR World Congress
15-17 July 2015, A Coruña, Spain 3rd International Conference on Water and Society
5-7 August 2015, Reston, Virginia, USA EWRI Watershed Management Symposium
3-5 September 2015, Rhodes, Greece 14th International Conference onEnvironmental Science & Technology
13-18 September 2015, Rome, Italy 42nd IAH Congress (AQWA 2015)
19-22 October 2015, Istanbul, Turkey 8th International Conference on Water Resources & the Environment
14-18 December 2015, San Francisco, California, USA AGU Fall Meeting

2013 / 2014

Date - Location
27-31 January 2013, Amman, Jordan ACWUA Second Arab Water Week
7-11 April 2013, Irbid, Jordan International Conference on the Geomatics of the Middle East & North Africa
22-26 April 2013, Beijing, China 35th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Environment
23-26 April 2013, Berlin, Germany Wasser Berlin
28 April- 2 May 2013, San Antonio Texas, USA NGWA Summit - The National & International Conference on Groundwater
12-16 May 2013, Glasgow, Scotland SETAC Europe Meeting
19-22 May 2013, Cincinnati Ohio, USA World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2013
16-20 June 2013, Zurich, Switzerland 8th IWA Micropol & Ecohazards Specialist Conference
1-5 July 2013, Nairobi, Kenya 36th Water, Engineering & Development Centre (WEDC) International Conference
22-26 July 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden Joint Assembly in Gothenburg, Sweden
5-6 September 2013, Moscow, Russia G-20 Summit
5-7 September 2013, Athens, Greece 13th International Conference on Environmental Science 7 Technology (CEST 2013)
8-13 September 2013, Chengdu, China 35th IAHR World Congress
8-11 October, 2013, Budapest, Hungary Budapest Water Summit
11-22 November 2013, Warsaw, Poland COP 19 UN Climate Change Conference
9-11 December 2014, Cairo, Egypt 3rd Arab Water Forum

2011 / 2012

Date - Location
4-7 September 2011, Perth, Australia IDA Australia World Desalination Conference
26-27 September 2011, London, UK 5th European Water & Wastewater Management Conference & Exhibition
25-29 September 2011, Pernambuco, Brazil IWRA 14th World Water Conference
27-29 September 2011, Paris, France Water: Source of Life or Conflicts?
29 October - 4 November 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands International Water Week
7-10 May 2012, Istanbul, Turkey 16th International Water Technology Conference
16-21 September 2012, Busan, Korea IWA World Water Conference & Exhibition
26 November -7 December 2012, Doha, Qatar UN Framework Convention on Climate Change





2009 / 2010

Date - Location
19-23 April 2009, Tucson, Arizona 2009 Groundwater Summit
17-20 May 2009, Baden-Baden, Germany European Desalination Society's Conference & Exhibition on Desalinization for the Environment
9-14 August 2009, Vancouver, Canada 33rd IAHR Biennal Congress: Water Engineering for a Sustainable Environment
7-11 September 2009, Tokyo, Japan 2nd International Conference on Rainwater Harvesting & Management
7-12 November 2009, Dubai, UAE IDA 2009 World Congress & Exhibition
16-18 November 2009, Somerset West, South Africa Biennial Groundwater Conference: Groundwater - Pushing the Limits




2007 / 2008

Date - Location
21-24 March 2007, Tunis, Tunisia Meda Water International Conference on Sustainable Water Management
1-3 May 2007, Birmingham, UK IWEX International Water & Effluent Exhibition: Sustainability Live
14-16 May 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Water Management and Technologies Applications for Developing Countries 2007
15-19 May 2007, Tampa, Florida World Environmental Water Resources & Environment Congress 2007
21-23 May 2007, Kos, Greece Water Resources Management 2007
6-7 June 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria 2nd International Conference on Water Resources, Technologies and Services -Bulgaria 2007
24-27 June 2007, Toronto, Canada AWWA Annual Conference & Exhibition
9-13 July 2007, Perugia, Italy IAHS Scientific Programme for IUGG: Freshwater: Ever Changing and Yet a Cause for Change
1-4 August 2007, Moscow, Russia 10th International Symposium on River Sedimentation
21-26 October 2007, Gran Canarias, Spain International Desalination Association World Congress 2007
4-9 November 2007, Pretoria, South Africa Help-Local Solutions to Global Water Problems: lessons from the South
Dec 9-11, 2007, San Diego, USA 28th Annual International Irrigation Show
2008 Manama, Bahrain 8th Gulf Water conference
1-4 September 2008, Montpellier, France. XIIIth World Water Congress,

2005 / 2006

Date - Location
12-13 March 2005 Dubai International Water Forum Water in 21st Century
17-20 March 2005 Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt 9TH International Water Technology Conference (IWTC)
15-19 May 2005 Anchorage, Alaska , USA EWRI World Water and Environmental Resources Congress
22-25 May 2005 Santa Margherita, Italy Desalination and Water Reuse
12-16 June 2005 San Francisco, California, USA AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition
11-16 September 2005 Seoul, Korea XXXI IAHR Congress
22 - 25 November 2005 New Delhi, India 12th World Conference on Water Resources
19-23 November 2005 Kuwait Water in the GCC - Towards Integrated Water Resources Management
28 June 2005 Mexico 4th World Water Forum
Sept 2006 Beijing, China 5th World Water Congress

2003 / 2004

Date - Location
20- 23 January 2003 Oman, Arab Emirates International Conference on Soil & Ground Contamination & Clean-up in Arid Countries
23 - 25 January 2003 Cairo, Egypt Aqua-Tec/Water Africa 2003 North International Conference
25 - 27 February 2003 Singapore Water Re-Use & Desalination Conference Water and Waste Water Tech. Asia 2003
04 - 06 March 2003 Nice Water & Wastewater Europe
08 - 12 March 2003 Riyad, Saudi Arabia WSTA Sixth Gulf Water Conference
11 - 13 March 2003 Dubai, Arab Emirates Watex-Water & Energy Technology
16 - 13 March 2003 Kioto, Shiga, Osaka 3rd World Water Forum 2003
06 - 10 April 2003 Perth, Australia The Australian Water Association & Ozwater, innovations in water
30 April - 2 May 2003 Cran Canaries 2nd International Conference on Water Resources Management 2003
28 - 30 May 2003 Tanzania Water Africa 2003
15 - 19 June 2003 California, USA 2003 American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition, Anaheim
29 June - 3 July 2003 New York, USA American Water Resources Association 2003 International Congress
23 September - 03 October 2003 Paradise Island, Bahamas 2003 International Desalination World Congress